Lingerie Modeling

Are you dreaming to begin your career as a model, but wondering it won't suit you ? People always assume a picture of the models as six foot tall appearing in fashion catwalks. Ofcourse they are also models but there are still others also. Lingerie modeling can also be considered as a part of modeling. These Lingerie models appear as a specific niche in the fashion world, for which one may perfectly fit for. They are sure to earn in dollars which can vary from hundreds to thousands per day.

Not just anyone can cut it as a model of lingerie. Scouts and casting agents look for a certain type of woman depending on the job. Take a look at Victoria's Secret, for example. You will notice the women in this lingerie catalog are lean, tall and tan. They have ample breasts and hips with tiny waists. Of course, Victoria's Secret is considered the pinnacle of success for lingerie models. Most models start off with much smaller jobs. They model for obscure and specialty catalogs, work trade shows and conventions and may even get small parts on television and film.

Modeling isn't all glitz and glamour. Most of the time, it is hard work. The hours are long and models must pose exactly as told for long periods of time. Sometimes shoots are conducted in unpleasant conditions such as in the hot sun. To succeed as a lingerie model, you need more than good looks. You need stamina and determination. Speaking of determination, it takes bucketloads to get through audition after audition. In modeling, there are lots of rejections. You must be able to keep trying until you succeed. It is essential to have a good agent to represent you and help you find work.

If you think lingerie modeling is for you, the first thing you should do is get in the best shape possible. Your body must be in top form yet not overly muscular. Then, find a professional photographer and create a portfolio. Your portfolio is a book that you will show potential clients and agents and is absolutely essential to your success. Another tip is to attend go-sees, which is like an interview where the client will meet you and look at your portfolio. The more you pound the pavement looking for work, the more work you will get. With experience, you can command higher rates and find better jobs.

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